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Alexis The artist

Talking about Alexis Rivero the artist could be a really long article, which is why this website pays tribute to who could be one of the most creative Latinos on stage who has come from Venezuela in recent years.

Each character created by Alexis is unique, is special, and is breathtakingly colorful. Even when he uses blacks, or dark colors, his characters always shout. Men, women, mythological characters, there are no borders where Alexis has not crossed.

Initially trained in Modern Ballet and with a strong influence in theater, his beginnings were at CONAC (Romulo Gallegos) in Venezuela. The Wizard of Oz, The boy wanted to be clown, comics, The blue star, and many others have been part of the repertoire where Alexis has made life.

The numbers speak

Because sometimes it is better to show the numbers and have them speak for themselves. the experience of Alexis Rivero the artist shows us more than:

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Latest Works

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Equity and loving your neighbor above all, beautiful precepts learned since childhood but not entirely fulfilled.

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The term “POWER” has multiple definitions and uses. This word, as many of you will know, is used to describe the faculty, ability, capacity, or authorization to carry out a specific action.

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