I’m Alexis Rivero

El Artista


  • Bachelor of Science – Francisco Fajardo High School, Venezuela
  • Graduate of English Language Studies – Gibbins School of Commerce, Trinidad & Tobago
  • Studies in Ballet and Modern Folkloric Techniques – University of Oriente (UDO), Venezuela
  • Theatrical Artist – Latin American Center for Creation and Theatrical Research (CELCIT), Venezuela
  • Theatrical Producer and Director – CONAC (Rómulo Gallegos), Venezuela

Positions Held

  • Dance teacher – Cruz Almandoz Mora School
  • Dance teacher – University of Oriente
  • Assistant director – Las Palmas Theater, Caracas
  • Entertainment manager – Casamarinas Hotel in Margarita
  • Dance and theater teacher – “Cendre” Educational Center
  • Makeup and image advisor – The Center Technological University (UNITEC) – “Chichon Group”

Seminars, Conferences, and Participation

  • 1st and 2nd Special Education Festival for the Department of Education
  • 1st Children’s Theater Festival at CANTV Theater
  • V, VI, and VIII Venezuelan Theater Festival
  • Makeup artist for the Miss Venezuela contest
  • Actor, dancer, and singer in the play “Jesus Christ Superstar” and “Josef and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”
  • Guest actor in the play “Saturday Night Mouse” directed by Eduardo Mancera
  • Guest actor in the films “Juan Topocho,” “Colt Commando,” and “Carmen, Who Was 16”
  • Co-star of the film “Rizo” directed by Luis Sosa Piertri (sic)
  • Choreographer of the play “West Side Story” from the Experimental Studios of the Litoral Ateneo de La Guaira
  • Key makeup artist for the groups participating in the IV, V, and VII Penitentiary Theater
  • Key makeup artist for the Technical Studies of the Special Education School “Dora Burgeno”
  • Director and choreographer of the play “The Wizard of Oz” presented at CANTV Theater and Teresa Carreño Theater


  • Guest director of the play “The Boy Who Wanted to Be a Clown” at the Teresa Carreño Cultural Complex
  • Guest actor in the musical comedy “Comics”
  • Key makeup artist for the play “The Blue Star” presented at the Aula Magna of the Central University of Venezuela (UCV)
  • Guest director and actor of the play “The Mask Before the Mirror” directed by Carlos Giménez
  • Make-up artist and choreographer of the play “The Ladies Bathroom” directed by Roberto Estopello at Venevision International
  • Director and Actor of the musical “Remy Beyond the Fantasy” at the Teatro de Bellas Artes in Miami, Florida.
  • Makeup and image design for the monologue character in the play “Mister Oath” directed by Roberto Estopello and presented at Venevision International
  • Art exhibit at the New Theatre in Coral Gables, FL –
  • Multimedia artwork at the New Professions Technical Institute in Miami, FL
  • Art Exhibition “Hispanic Heritage Month” at the New Professions Technical Institute in Miami, FL


I am Dr. Milagros Bello, I am an art critic, and a Miami based curator for Contemporary Art with a wide art experience and knowledge of international and local artists, as well as of Latin American Art. I obtained my Ph.D. in Sociology of Art, and a master’s degree in Art History at Sorbonne University in Paris, France. I am a Member of the International Art Critics Association (AICA-PARIS). I am an art writer for local and international art magazines, and a former Senior Editor of Arte Al Dia International art magazine. For fourteen years, from 2000-2014, I have taught as professor of art in diverse theoretical areas of expertise, such as Critical Theories, History of Art, History of Modern and Contemporary Photography, Sociology, graduate and undergraduate levels at Americans universities, the Florida International University (FIU), Florida Atlantic University (FAU), Miami International University (The Art Institute/Miami), and the Istituto Marangoni/Miami. Since 2010 to present, I have curated numerous shows in contemporary art, nationally and internationally. In 2021 and 2022 I have curated important shows based on the pandemic situation such as Nowness. The Pandemic Station, Concurrences, Delectables and Not during the Art Basel season 2022. From April through November 27, 2022, in the context of the 59th Venice Biennale, I have curated the exhibition “Americans. Current  Imaginaries.” at the European Cultural Center, in Venice Italy. On June 30, 2022, I gave a lecture on the same topic at Personal Structures/Reflection, in the European Cultural Center, in Venice, Italy. Currently I am the director and chief curator of MIA Curatorial Projects (former Curator’s Voice Art Projects, before Pandemic, founded in 2010) in Miami. I am a mentor and a coach motivator for artists.

This letter has the purpose of highly recommend and praise the Performance work of Alexis Rivero, who has been working with me and my gallery consistently since 2019 to present in the area of Performing Art. Rivero has made outstanding performances full of theatrical and musical effects presented during my curated exhibitions, such as Nosferatu/ Ciber Vampire (10/27/2019), Giuletta degli Spiriti (07/15/2019), Maleficient (12/07/2019), Farinelli (01/19/2021), Metamorphosis (09/14/2021), Le Marteau sans Maitre.Homage to Pierre Boulez (12/19/2021), Retention. Passages (05/12/2022), and Pathospheles, the most recent one presented during Art Basel Season 2022. Each performance presented was of the highest accomplishment and artistic

quality with singular artistic interpretations of musical themes, and art topics through the art history. His performances involved a high skilled handling of music, light, and theater effects as well as an outstanding creation of characters and costumes. Alexis Rivero has showed a solid commitment to his presentations. He is one of the artistic figures that works with the highest level of professionalism in the Miami Cultural scene.
You can contact me for further information at any time Ph: +17863570568 @milagrosbellocurator @curatorsvoice E:


Milagros Bello, PhD
Director/Chief Curator
MIA Curatorial Projects
395 NE 59th Street
Miami, Florida 33137